This final internal document should identify the major results and accomplishments of the inquiry-based scholarship performed by the student across the year. Accomplishments of the project should be provided in both qualitative and quantitative form. For work in the sciences, this would be in the form of a results section, relevant figures or tables, and a brief analysis of the impact of the work on the field. For work in the arts or humanities, a description or visual representation of the work should be provided, with an analysis of the importance of the work to the discipline and identifying any opportunities to display or present the work to a broader audience. Please be prepared to upload this document as a pdf or Word document. 

Be sure to include a description any outcomes such as conference presentations (past or future), manuscripts (in-preparation, submitted, or accepted/published), recitals, exhibitions, or any other scholarly outcome. 

Funds are available from the Office of Undergraduate Research and Inquiry (OURI) to support UT students who have engaged in Undergraduate Research or Inquiry to travel to local, regional, national, or international meetings, conferences, symposia, and workshops. These funds are provided to increase the opportunities of UT students to showcase their scholarship in external venues. 

Multiple sources of funding for student travel are available on campus. Therefore, faculty and students should first seek support from their departments and Dean’s office before submitting a request for funding from OURI.  

Please note that receipts submitted for reimbursement must be itemized. Non-itemized receipts for food-related expenses may not be reimbursed. 

Students receiving travel funds must submit a brief report of their activities to their faculty mentor and to the OURI ( within 30 days of the event.  Please include a discussion of how the experience was beneficial.  Pictures of the student presenting that can be used on OURI social media pages are also greatly appreciated. 

If you are intending to cut and paste sections of your proposal into Submittable, please use a text editor such as Microsoft Word.  Copying and pasting into Submittable text boxes from a pdf will cause formatting errors.  Files that are required to be uploaded, such as CVs, can be in pdf format.
The University of Tampa, Faculty Submissions